Chicken Soup for the Soul

Cynthia L. Eppley 02/11/2021

This has been a tough year, a tough season.
I haven’t written about it, but now seems the appropriate time.
In the Fall, I was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and at least 4 Pulmonary Emboli. It took until December to recover.
Bob’s sister died of Covid in January. (The Dawn of 2021: Every Moment Counts)
The past two weeks my husband and I have battled through Covid ourselves.

Chicken Soup

A first rate soup is better than a second rate painting. Abraham Maslow

What does this have to do with chicken soup?
A lot, actually.
When you’re sick, you really don’t want heavy, spicy food. The simplicity of chicken soup is warm and appealing.

Here’s to your Health!

But it even has health benefits:
“During cold and flu season, when your throat feels scratchy, your nose is stuffy and you’re achy and tired, your first instinct may be to reach for a bowl of chicken soup. Many people rely on chicken soup when they’re sick, not just for its familiar, pleasing flavor but for its soothing, healing qualities.”
What’s not to love about Chicken Soup?
I can personally attest to the benefits of this golden elixir.

Home Delivery

I even found a site that will deliver the soup, just like Mama used to make:
Homemade Soup delivered.
“Show them you care, even when you can’t be there. Shop Gourmet Gift Baskets Now! Gourmet soups delivered anywhere. A comforting gift of love and support.”

But notice they’re delivering more than just soup: They’re bringing comfort, love and support.

Love and Support

And so this isn’t so much about Chicken Soup, is it?
For the past 5 months, when we have needed it most, meals were delivered. When I was too sick to even think about a meal?
I could open the refrigerator and there would be a meal waiting to be warmed up. Groceries were picked up.
“I’m going to the store anyway—let me know if you need something!” Prescriptions were dropped off.
We never lacked for food; and more food was offered.
We received phone calls, texts, cards, and “social distance” visits.

Meal Trains

“A meal train is when a group of friends and family organize homemade meal deliveries for someone in need. The name comes from , a website that lets you create a meal sign-up sheet to organize a meal train and assign days to anyone who wants to get involved.” This is a great organizational tool.

But honestly? Meals being delivered is as old as time.
As long as there has been need, there have been those who throw in an extra potato into the pot, or set an extra place at the table.
The spirit of generous giving is rooted in our humanity.

Who ARE these People????
They are the neighbors.
They are neighbors that went the extra mile.
As we’ve walked our dog, Ella, they’ve offered to take her for a day.

Snow Removal

We’ve had more snow in the past 3 weeks than the past several years combined.
No worries: there is our neighbor that fires up his snow blower and walks around the entire block: “Because I care for my neighbors, and this is one way I can help.”
And the neighbor who comes over with a shovel to clear the front walk for us.

The People of Oreland Evangelical Presbyterian Church

At OEPC, we’ve been providing meals for decades.
Our Meal ministry: provides a meal (or meals) for families during a time of illness or life changing event.”
And now the meal ministry has expanded to become an Outreach:
In November, we realized that many people were feeling the stress of being at home, trying to work, as well as teach children.
What’s more comforting than food? Chicken Soup to the rescue!
A flurry of activity responded, as food was made and delivered to the church.
“We started off with 19 deliveries.The response was overwhelmingly positive.
We then delivered another 17 and even had a chance to pray with a mom of 4, and chat with some of the neighbors. Many were grateful.
We have 31 deliveries to make now, using all of the food that many of you so generously provided!”

Soup for the Soul

So we are onto something aren’t we?
In our time of need, so many reached out to us in tangible, practical ways.
At OEPC, the community of faith enfolded us in their care.
Sometimes, faith comes through with skin on, and a meal.
These are the people of our lives.
These are the connections that make living so very worthwhile.
These are the connections that have been so strained under Covid restrictions.

Connection, Faith and Soup

I made a Costco run this morning with a dear friend and we picked up their Chicken Noodle soup: almost as good as homemade.
And this was her reaction:
“I know we needed groceries for the pantry. But this was also soup for the soul.”

And indeed, it is.

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Counselor, Teacher, Wife, Mother and Grandmother. It is a privilege to serve God. All my roles have taught me more about God's grace and mercy. And all of life is counseling.

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